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led by nature

The mycelium network is a web of incredibly tiny threads that winds its way through the roots of trees, connecting plants underground and silently but faithfully delivering the nourishment they need to grow.

Every website we build is based on these same principles – deep rooted, with solid foundations to help your business grow sustainably.

Thoughtful web design for ethical businesses

Low-carbon web design

Through thoughtful design, high-quality development and concise copywriting, your business can grow sustainably online in a way that lets you do good while being better for the planet.

Websites that load fast are not only more environmentally friendly, they are better for user experience, helping your customers do what they came to do, quickly. And search engines like them too, so you’ll show up higher in search results.

Low-carbon web design

Organic growth

We want to support businesses to grow in ways that are aligned with their values, ethically and sustainably.

That means rallying against the idea that more traffic is better, and working to stand out for the people your business genuinely matters to. We believe that inspiring the right audience – not just a bigger one – is the true foundation of sustainable organic growth, and our underpinning SEO process is designed to help you achieve just that.

Web design consultancy

Digital privacy

We don’t believe anyone should have to give up their data to find what they’re looking for online. But current industry practices for tracking and measuring web traffic have led to mass harvesting of personal information that has put consumer trust at a record low.

Tracking technologies like cookies also have a massive carbon footprint, generating an estimated 11,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every month.

Our websites are built to respect people’s privacy, so they’re not just good for business, but better for the planet and good for society too.

Privacy-focussed web design


Only by coming together to share ideas and find new ways of working can we create the change we want to see in the world. For every website we build, we assemble a team of like-minded creatives who share a vision and values for helping good businesses to do good things in the world.

A typical project team consists of an ethical web designer, a conscious copywriter and a thoughtful graphic designer to ensure we’re always working towards delivering high-quality, low-carbon, ethically made websites for businesses like yours.

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