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website advice for ethical businesses

We can help you to:

  • Revise your website’s design and structure to improve customer conversion rates and sales
  • Show up higher on search engines for your intended audience with a conscious content strategy
  • Better understand how your website is being used by studying your analytics data
  • Speed up your website and reduce its impact on the environment

We can provide web design consultancy as calls, half-day development blocks or as deep dive reports.

how we can help you
improve your website

web design consultancy calls

If you’d like some help making your website perform more effectively for your business you can pick our brains in a consultancy call.

Before our consultation we’ll ask you a few questions about the specific challenges you need help with during the session and we’ll fit in as many as we can.

Consultancy sessions take place over video call and last around an hour. Afterwards you’ll receive a written summary of the key points we discussed for reference.

Ask us about consultancy sessions

website reviews

Get a comprehensive expert written review of your website, including pointers on:

  • Improving its design and usability
  • Making your website faster
  • Removing unneccesary tracking scripts
  • Reducing its environmental impact

Ask us about website reviews

WordPress web development blocks

We can update your WordPress website for you. These are tailored to your specific needs, and can be booked as a half-day web development block.

WordPress development sessions can include tasks such as:

  • Theme coding and design revisions
  • Page speed optimisation
  • SEO improvements

Ask us about our WordPress development blocks

kind words from excellent people

“Thank you for taking the time to understand my issues, to speak with me and unpick what’s happening, all in a friendly, non-judgemental and super helpful way. I’m very grateful.”

Claire Bradshaw, Claire Bradshaw Associates Ltd

“Working with Root on my website made everything easy. Paul really took the time to understand what I needed, had loads of great ideas and explained everything in a way I could understand. Highly recommended.”

Cath Brown, Skilful Conversation

“We have been working with Paul for a number of years now, he is very easy to work with and uses his knowledge to build great websites that drive sales whilst not forgetting about the customer experience and moral/environmental practices.”

Ceri Parkin, Furbellow & Co.

web design consultancy FAQs

What sort of websites do you work with?

We can provide design consultancy and guidance for most types of website and common Content Management Systems.

As WordPress development specialists we can make direct edits to most custom WordPress themes and some third-party commercial themes.

For websites built using DIY platforms such as Squarespace and Wix we’ll provide you with guidance that you can implement yourself.

What are the benefits of improving my websites page speed?

As well as having a smaller carbon footprint, a well optimised website will provide a better experience for your visitors, show up higher on search engines and work better on mobile phones.

If you’d like to try optimising your website yourself you can learn more in our article How do i make my website more eco-friendly?

I’m not very tech minded – will I understand your website review?

We want website design to be open to everyone and we pride ourselves and being able to explain techy terms in a straightforward and accessible way. Our website reviews and reports are always written jargon-free with clear recommendations for you to action.

If I get stuck implementing your recommendations myself, can you help me?

Yes! If you need any assistance implementing our recommended improvements from a power hour or website review, we can do it for you. Updates can be booked in separately as half-day web development blocks.

How do you test the environmental impact of a website?

We use a range of software when we test website page speed optimisation, so we can identify opportunities for improvement. These include Google Lighthouse, Digital Beacon, and Ecograder, as well as good old browser developer tools.

Learn more in our article Tools for calculating your websites CO2 emissions

Can you get my website to the top of Google?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important part of any low-carbon web design strategy. We believe that inspiring the right audience – not just a bigger one – is the true foundation of sustainable organic growth, and our underpinning SEO process is designed to help you achieve just that.

For more in-depth SEO strategy including Pay-per-click (PPC) we can help refer you to one our trusted SEO specialist collaborators.

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