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Websites rooted in nature

Root is a sustainable web design studio in Manchester UK, founded on the belief that websites can – and should – be a force for good.

We’re saddened by the unethical practices that have become the norm for doing business in the digital age, from dishonest data tracking and bloated website templates to marketing tactics that prey on fear and insecurity.

We know there’s a better way to do things.

By being more thoughtful about web design, we’re committed to building low-carbon websites that are kinder to the planet, kinder to people and better for businesses.

Low-carbon web design

simple, sustainable web design
for ethical businesses

Low-carbon web design

Eco-friendly websites may be a myth. But through thoughtful design, concise copywriting and high-quality web development, we can help reduce your website’s impact on the environment.

Web design & development

consultancy and advice

We pride ourselves on helping ethical businesses grow slowly and sustainably online by understanding and serving their right audience, not just a bigger one.

Web design consultancy


We assemble the best team of creatives for every project, with a designer, copywriter and web developer working towards a shared vision for your website.

Our collaborators

kind words from excellent people

“Root have been our go to web development partner for over 5 years now and have built several sites for us. All functioning perfectly with great SEO rankings. Root’s focus on sustainability has allowed us to optimise our site to benefit loading speeds as well as reducing the site’s carbon emissions which is a key part of our ethos as a design company.”

Nathan Partington, npd

Digital sustainability insights

What is sustainable web design?

In this article we hope to raise awareness about sustainable web design and the impact our websites have on the environment. We’ll also explain how businesses can reduce their digital carbon emissions and take a more eco-friendly approach to operating online…

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Digital Sustainability tips for businesses

An eco-friendly website is just the start when it comes to reducing your business’s digital carbon footprint. We’ve been on a journey to understand the carbon impact of all our digital activities, and there are plenty of small changes every business can make to make a difference. Here are our top tips for improving your digital sustainability…

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How do I make my website more eco-friendly?

The most eco-friendly website is one that doesn’t load at all. But as eco-conscious businesses operating in a digital world, having an online presence is vital for getting our message out there and connecting with the people who can help us do good things in the world. So how can we have a website while minimising our impact on the environment? Read our tips for making your website more eco-friendly…

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beautiful websites,
rooted in good ethics